Playing with Forms in Feeds

I'm messing with my RSS feed again, sorry about the refresh of all the content to the couple thousand people who read this blog via RSS. It always annoys me too... I wish Bloglines would set the "Updated Items: Ignore" to the default, or there was some way to universally change all my subscriptions that way. I usually go through and mark the worst offenders (rather than unsubscribe). You know who they are, the morons who just can't seem to produce a consistent clean feed, is always changing URLs, or messing with some global setting that you can't even see causing you to get their last 10, 20 or 30 posts in your aggregator again. Morons.

Yeah, that'd be me. Sorry. :-)

Anyways, I'm now playing with the idea of having a comment form embedded in my feed. To the people who misunderstood my RSS-Only Blog post the other day, I wasn't saying I don't like comments, just enumerating the problems. If I didn't like comments, I'd just get rid of them. I'm just thinking and expounding, that's all. I'm now experimenting with having my comment form at the bottom of my feed to make it even easier to zip off a quick thought. Hopefully my feed readers are a different breed so that the comments aren't ignorant, condescending, insulting and anonymous... but we'll see. Comments seem to bring the worst out in people. Normally intelligent people crawl into their dank hole of anonymity and spew the worst garbage out onto blogs. It's amazing. The sheer cowardice of the act constantly amazes me.

Anyways, the forms show up and work in Bloglines, it'll be interesting to hear about who else can see the forms, and who doesn't and what sort of problems arise from using them. Sorry that the form is a bit ugly right now... I need to figure out the best way of making it look better...


Update: Based on the 25 comments already, this works in Bloglines and NetNewsWire, but not NewsGator online or Radio Userland. I've added some old-skool formatting using tables (as Bloglines strips out CSS) and a target to the form of _blank, so it should pop up another window, rather than submit in the frame.

Thanks everyone for playing along. Sorry again for the additional refresh!

Update 2: Hmmm. The table or the target seems to have messed up NNW.

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