June Mobile Monday: Usability at Openwave!


Mike has posted the details for June's Mobile Monday taking place on the 6th at Openwave's offices in Redwood City! We had some cancellations so we're going to go with two speakers this time: Ron Mandel, Chief Architect Developer Products, Openwave who will talk about Device Diversity, and Blake Engel, Lead User Experience Designer, Moonstorm who will talk about designing mobile products for real users.

This is a great chance for me to show off my growing collection of mobiles, so I'm going to be giving a "interactive" presentation where I examine the UI and usability of a bunch of popular handsets, and give a quick demo of their capabilties - everything from email to mobile gaming and video.

Hope this isn't too short of a notice (you knew MoMo was coming!)... Hope to see you there!


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