Morse Texter!


I love the power of weblogging. After reading my post (and Paul's, who it seems came up with the idea in January) about how Morse Coders beat Texters, and how someone should come up with an app that simulated telegraph text entry, someone named Hugo just left me a comment that he whipped up a prototype called Morse Texter for Series 60 phones that did just that!

I like the innovation on the data entry as well, so you don't have to "time" the dahs and dits:

Left arrow - Dot
Right arrow - Dash
OK key - Space

C key - Delete last letter
Call/green key - Send as SMS

This is very cool. Now I wonder if this is actually *faster* or not on the mobile phone. It's one thing for two experienced Morse Code operators to communicate over an analog connection as they can get a pretty fast "cadence" down and transmit the messages very quickly. Mobile phones, however, will have a digital delay for the user interface, which could make that sort of speed impractical. I'm not sure.

Very cool.


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