The Blog Jar!


After talking with a co-worker who was telling me about an internal project, and hearing for about the 1000th time a half-joking "Umm, you're not going to blog this, right?" I've decided to create a Blog Jar. Yep, for everyone who confirms that I'm not going to blog about some obviously insanely secret corporate topic, they get to put some cash in the blog jar.

We had a Geek Jar years ago at a job where a group of programmers joined together to keep our nerd-instincts in check and it worked great. Anytime someone blurted out something that no one besides a true geek would say, like, "Wow, I just read that the new Star Wars DVD goes on sale next week, I better set an alert in my custom emacs scheduling system!", we'd charge them cash. I think we even had a sliding scale from like a quarter to a dollar, or more for the most serious grievences (e.g. "God, I love VI!") It worked well.

I'm thinking a Blog Jar along similar lines could generate some serious cash! I should see if the other Y! bloggers want in as well. We could pool our jars and treat ourselves to a nice blogger's dinner every month.



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