Series 60 Slider on the way?


I was checking out the Nokia Connection 2005 webcast (yes, that *is* what I do to relax at home, alright?) and I noticed the above slide which clearly shows a new Series 60 phone that I'm not familiar with. The four new slider phones announced today were so like the venerable 7650 that I saw more than one person online mistake them for Symbian phones, but they're actually Series 40 version 3 instead. The phone in the pic above, however, has a S60 menu key.

I guess Nokia inadvertently gave us a little preview of a new Series 60 slider phone, or at least a mockup of one that will never see the light of day. I'm betting on the former though. But is it just me, or are the clear and pen keys being on the top of the slider a bit odd?

Let's see, which number combos aren't taken yet? 6260? 6690? 7660?


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