Friday before the Fourth

Hmm... I'm not sure what we're doing this weekend. Nothing special, but obviously with the long weekend, I'm feeling pressure to come up with something interesting to do. I sorta hate doing stuff during regular long weekends with the gazillions of other people and prefer rather to take a vacation day some other Monday instead and not have to fight the crowds. That said, there is a sort of energy a three day weekend gives to people, no? It's like a buzz when everyone's relaxing at the same time. Like being in Europe for the entire month of August. ;-)

Hopefully we'll have a clear night on Monday for Fireworks - last year we were in San Francisco, and predictably it was horrible, foggy and overcast. Looking at the weather now, it actually may be a good year to be in SF, but you never know what the winds will push into the Bay at night during the Summer.

Down here, I have no idea what to do. Menlo Park looks like it's going to have a fun celebration - I'd love to hang out in a big open field on a blanket, looking up at the stars watching Fireworks... Maybe in Palo Alto or Stanford? I'll have to look on the web or ask around. I was in Los Altos last night for the first time and that's a cute little downtown as well.

I'm sure I've mentioned this before, but the Fourth is my favorite holiday! All the other holidays have some weird mental baggage behind them, but Independence day is pretty trauma-free for me. ;-)

I love Summer!



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