Mobile Monday July 11th: AOL and Open Elmo!


Alright! Mobile Monday is all set for next week - Mike's got all the details over at the blog. We're going to be meeting at AOL (the old Netscape campus) over in Mountain View. This is very cool - and a nice addition to our growing list of MoMo gathering spots which have included Yahoo, Sun Microsystems, Microsoft and OpenWave.

I've got the fantastic new Elmo (an overhead camera which is great for capturing mobile phone displays) so we're going to be having an "Open Elmo" night where anyone with running code can come up and show their stuff. Mike has a list of *at least* six presenters which he'll pop up on the blog within a day or so, but in general it should be a fun time. We're going to have rapid, 5-10 minute demos from startups to big-cos alike. If you're in the market for a new mobile service, a VC or anyone interested in what's happening in mobility in the Bay Area, this is the meeting to attend.

See you next Monday!


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