Yahoo! Mobile Search Update


My second post for the Yahoo! Search Blog is up online - I was asked to write up a post about the new Yahoo! Mobile Search products that the mobile team just launched. Not only SMS Search, but also a new transcoding service as well, so you can click through to results you get back on your web. We've really needed this, so this is a great day.

For the SMS stuff, I'm actually a bit down on texting for anything besides communication - I just don't think SMS is a great transport for pure info. However, for the Y! SMS Search stuff we include a short URL which you can click on (if your phone supports it) for more information, including a map. That eases my mind considerably as I think this is the right strategy for SMS - as a way of getting people to use their WAP Browsers more so that we can start moving to the next stage of mobile content beyond just text messaging.

Anyways, bop over to the search blog to see my post and more screen shots and to leave comments if you have any questions (so the whole Y! team that actually built this stuff can help out).


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