Fantastic Viral Mobile Campaign!


The Adverblog has a great post today about a new mobile campaign from Virgin Express:

This is how the idea works: you sign up via SMS or online and you're immediately sent an SMS with your "buddy word". Then you go to one of the music festivals sponsored by Virgin Express and you look for someone with same buddy word. If you find him/her, go together to the Virgin Express stand and you'll receive a free flight each. Smart, isn't it?

I think this is *fantastic*.

It's really a way to get people both to use SMS and to have them interact in person as well. This would actually be great at conventions and other meetups as well. In fact, maybe I'll whip together something tonight for Mobile Monday. Everyone can SMS their phone number in (actually probably MMS since I don't have a shortcode handy), I'll send out a few keywords and pass out some prizes to the pairs that find each other.

What a killer idea!


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