Motorola Analyst Webcast


If you haven't seen it, yesterday's Motorola Analyst's Meeting webcast is online. (Also, if you haven't seen the news, Moto and Yahoo! announced a very cool deal as well. w00t!) It was a year ago I wrote about Moto Rising and it seems they were just getting started.

Much of what was announced has been in the news already, but it's interesting to see the demos of the phones and hear Ed Zander give the pitch himself. Yes, their scripts were pretty dorky and Ed pronounces the Ojo video conference solution in a way that makes me want to cry, but seeing the demos from the source is worth the pain. The iRadio, RAZR Wire and PVR-to-mobile video is pretty cool to see. Steve Balmer's cameo wasn't as impressive as Steve Jobs' appearance last year, but hey.

Speaking of Jobs, it was interesting to hear the fact that the iTunes is real and coming sometime in the next 66 days (before the end of the quarter). They're going to hold a special event with Apple and a major carrier. It should be interesting to see it finally... I can't believe it's been over a year since they announced the partnership with Apple!


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