Ahh, The Bozo Filter!

Alright, Tim O'Reilly didn't feel like personally responding to my blog post, but left a long comment on Om's writeup instead about how they select the people they invite, including this choice bit at the end:

Sixth cut: the bozo filter. Someone who has been at a previous FOO camp, and whom we had complaints about for some reason or another, or who has built that kind of reputation on the net. Unfortunately, you probably don’t know who you are, but other people do.

Alright! Now we know! I must be a bozo! Neato! I knew there must be a reason I wasn't politely told I wouldn't be invited back (and why Tim didn't bother to email me or leave a comment)... I'm a bozo. Why bother? Right? Phew! It was the wondering that was killing me, but hey, now we know.

Rock on!


P.S. I'm going over to hang out at BarCamp this weekend (Bar standing for Bozos And Rejects I guess...). It's right downtown Palo Alto, so come stop by if you're in the neighborhood. I'm going to bring my Elmo for gadget demos, etc. W00t.

P.P.S. Tim left a comment on my other post the next morning. Thanks, Tim.

P.P.P.S. I've gotten a few emails/comments from people telling me that someone keeps adding my name to the list of Foo Campers with Dave Winer's picture and the caption "The voice of the new Mobile Revolution". Cool! I actually said "one of the" in my post before, but if someone wants to promote me, rock on! Please pass it on to Howard Rheingold (who'll be at Foo) that he's been bumped. ;-)

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