Melodeo does MobCasting


Melodeo has a press release out today announcing they have the first solution for listening to Podcasts streamed to your mobile phone. This is very cool, and something you may have first read about here back in October of last year:

Now you won’t have to remember to load up your iPod and grab your phone before leaving the house. You’ll be able to have your files on one device instead. The phone may not hold the thousands of hours of audio that a normal iPod holds, but it’ll be perfect for the day’s podcasts, no? And soon thereafter, streaming media over 3G networks and some “MobCasting†service that pops-up will be the Bloglines of podcast feeds, and you won’t have to even remember to sync. Then after you’ve got all that grokked, just wait until you’re watching Personal Videos from around the world on your phone instead. This is not far out stuff. This is all like 9 to 12 months away.

Hey, not bad... 9 months out on the dot. Got to love when the future comes up and bites you in the ass, no? Time to short Sirius and XM stock I think...

Next up is mobile video casting. I think the pictures from mobile phones during the London Bombings really turned a lot of lightbulbs on over people's heads about the reality of "personal broadcasting." I keep repeating ad-nauseum: The same infrastructure that will allow data services, will also allow richer multimedia as well. And since mobile phones are incredible media generation devices - much moreso than PCs - we're going to see an incredible shift in the way media is both created and consumed. Melodeo's new service is just the first step towards this new future.

Cool stuff! I can't wait to try it!


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