My Email is Down

It has been since yesterday... I was trying to figure out how to cc: my phone using Courier MTA, which somehow lead me to wack MySQL (he who lives by apt-get, dies by apt-get) and take out my site for a while. I finally got all the dependencies worked out, but my email hasn't been working since. (I hate my personal email box, so this is almost alright by me... 24 hours of peace). I'm actually not sure how I got the email working in the first place, so it could be while...

If you want to get in touch with me, IM and SMS is probably the best way until I figure it out.


Update: All fixed. The problem was when I tried to add just a part of sendmail to let me cc my other account, apt-get "helpfully" uninstalled Courier for me. Yay! Then when I re-installed it, it didn't add Maildrop by default. Then when I re-added Maildrop, it for some reason was using a set of config files that was outside the courier directory. So once I figured all this out... and then went through and manually churned through the literally 500 pieces of Spam (SpamAssassin wasn't getting called from Maildrop), everything seems to be working.

But if you sent me an email in the past 36 hours? I'd do it again.


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