Mobile Monday Oct. 10th: Mobile Search at Google


Yes, today is the first Monday of the month, but we're since we're doing this month's Mobile Monday in conjunction with the SDForum, it's going to be held next week on Google's campus. You can get all the details from Mike's Mobile Monday post on the meetup, but here's a relevant bit here:

We are asking for folks to pre-register this time so that we can get a feel for the size of the group. There are enough of us now that logistics can be tricky. The lineup looks fantastic!

  • Zaw Thet, 4INFO
  • Mark Grandcolas, Caboodle Networks
  • Jack Denenberg, Cingular Wireless
  • Scott Jenson, Google
  • Mihir Shah, Yahoo! Search
  • Moderator: David Weiden (a mobile expert and equity analyst at Morgan Stanley)

Cool stuff! Should be a great month! See you next week!


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