My Brother's eBay Store


My brother was talking to me over IM today about his Sunday Afternoon chores of updating his eBay store and I thought it'd be nice to throw some traffic his way. He's been a "collector" all his life - comic books, figurines, etc. etc. - and now he's got an eBay store up to trade some of the extras. I told him I'd throw an ad up onto my weblog to see if that drove any sales. (Nothing like a little nepotism between Bros, no? :-) )

I'm not sure how much crossover there is between the blogging/mobile/techy readers of this weblog and the collector crowd, but if you're into it, go check out Dave's eBay Store (only his family calls him David, by the way, everyone else calls him Tuck because he sorta looks like Friar Tuck...).

I've also added the image above under my other advertisements as well for the Searchers to find. We'll see how much traffic that bumps up. I think he should buy some Text Ads as well and get "good" traffic instead, but we'll see if this works. :-)



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