New S60 Browser


Wow, I just caught the Flash demo of the new Nokia S60 browser (the one based on Apple's Webkit) and it looks pretty cool. It has quite a few features I hadn't seen before, but what I didn't know is that it has an integrated RSS reader as well. Very cool! It's really pretty innovative IMHO. Perfect for snagging feeds to read while you're in the metro or other non-connected place. It's a great addition to the browser.

I'm not going to miss this chance to name drop.... I have to say, quite a bit has changed since I showed Jeff Bezos how looked on my Nokia 6620 running Opera back at FooCamp 2004. It was possible then, but pretty painful. I used the opportunity to encourage him to improve Amazon's mobile offerings. But now the demos in the Flash video of the new Nokia browser show how you can quickly navigate a normal web page with the new browser using Amazon's website as the example and it's pretty astounding. That sort of browser on a QVGA screen combined with a 3G network and it's possible to do a lot. Very interesting...

I can't wait to try it for myself and do a reality test on it. How well does it handle forms, for example? Will it really be able to handle AJAXy websites? And how accepting is the RSS Reader? Lots of questions, but it looks like they're really doing some cool stuff.


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