I need some categories or tags or whatever

I'm thinking I may have come to the point where I need to throw some categories on this blog. Or tags - I guess there's a WordPress plugin that'll do that as well. I'm thinking of starting simple, like "mobility" and "everything else" or something very easy like that. Taxonomies give me a headache.

This is my 2,650th post... so I'm a bit reluctant to go back through and mark all my old posts up, but I guess with some creative SQL it wouldn't be that bad, right? Search for "Nokia" for example, if I find it, mark it mobile, do that for a few different keywords and I should have a good approximation of a categorized blog.

Of course, I also have 800 pending emails which I've yet to classify and deal with as well. I could probably use my time more intelligently dealing with that stuff instead. People have pretty much given up on emailing me -which I'm almost happy about - but I really should respond. There's so many dropped balls, its insane. Lunch plans that were never finished for July, meetups in August, old pals coming into town in September, those sorts of things.

Eventually, I'll get all this stuff sorted,


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