New AT&T Logo Analysis


Yeah, I think after careful analysis, consideration, comparision and contemplation, I can only come to one conclusion about the new AT&T logo: It sucks.

Not only do I just not like the amateur-looking new design, it's made even worse when you consider the history of the older design: AT&T's old logo is so archetypal that we studied it in college. The new design looks like it was made by some intern or a secretary with some spare time and a copy of Photoshop. Seriously, what were they thinking?

First, the typeface: Lowercase is a horrible choice, though I'm sure some branding company out there sold the choice as adding a "new, youthful" appearance or something (a perfect choice for the name's 110 year history). Secondly, the fact it's not bold makes the letters themselves less of a logomark, so now you *need* to have the globe-thing next to the letters or you lose the whole branding.

Which is really too bad because the new tiger-striped globe thing is just pitiful. It's horribly lopsided, surrounded by a *grey* border (??), and has some weird swirl effect in the background which induces a mild form of nausia. If it was supposed to allude to the old logo, it failed miserably. If it's supposed to be a cool new icon, it failed miserably. God knows *what* it's supposed to do or represent, actually. It's just bad in every respect.

In whole, it's just a total disaster, and now that Cingular is going to go back to AT&T branding, soon it's going to be all over my the phones I use daily as well. BLEH.


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