PSP Firmware 2.6: Buggy as hell... Don't upgrade yet!

I was laying down playing SOCOM last night (which is an awesome game by the way) online multiplayer (infrstructure mode) and my PSP wouldn't let me. It would actually reboot itself when I tried to enter a lobby to play multiplayer. Doh! I thought it might just be my system, or something I did to it, but reports appeared this afternoon on the PSP blogs that this firmware is buggy as hell with lots of confirmation. Check out PSP Fan Boy for the reports.

I pulled out my other PSP which I hadn't upgraded to 2.6 yet and it runs fine, so it's definitely a buggy update. SOCOM is *the* killer app for the system, so Sony better get moving quick to get an update out there before this gets crazy. How good is SOCOM? Well, I was relaxing on the couch playing it instead of my brand new XBox 360 sitting 4 feet away... It's that good.


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