Wow, the temperature dropped suddenly! It turned December and WOW it got cold here in Menlo Park... They're saying it's going to drop below 40F tonight! Man! We got a nice Summer down here in the peninsula being farther away from the Pacific, but I forgot that also means that it'll be colder in the winter as well!

I know I shouldn't even come close to complaining. I heard some story on NPR the other night about a woman who was house hunting with her daughter and was scoping out "winter rooms" - the room your whole family would heat and live in during the cold months in order to save money. It gave me shivers just thinking about it. We used to heat our house by burning wood when I was a kid and teenager in New Hampshire, and I can still smell that wood smoke sticking to my clothes and making my heavy winter coat reek like a campfire...

Thank god for California and central heating. By March I'll be talking about beautiful days again (I hope!)... BRRRRRRR


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