Personal Splogs

This evening's wacky idea: Personal Splogs.

I see tons of spam-blogs (splogs) in my referrers lately. They seemed to have learned the lesson from the first time around when they were copying my content wholesale from my site - I successfully got one site pulled from Blogspot for that, but then of course they (and 40 others) popped back up and now just use legal snippets instead. It's just search engine stuff juice they're looking for. As long as the words seem to make sense, they don't even care.

But I just had a great idea... This is my 2,676th post over the past several years. I've got tons of content I've created myself, which I obviously have full rights to. Why is it all trapped here in one spot? It's not even well organized (remember my post recently about categorizing or tagging my old content). I also only have one ad type on my page, and don't show them often. Hell, I'm just throwing money out the window!

So, first thought - create a parallel site with my same content, but one filled with advertisements, and maybe some spliced feed links to spice it up. I'd be like a syndicated columnist, right? The same Dave Berry rant appears in lots and lots of different newspapers all over the country, and all of them add their own advertisements around that content, right? Same thing, except I'm my own publishing empire. :-)

Then I can take notes from the sploggers and do custom sites. Do a SQL query for every post which contains "Nokia" and do the "" blog, and just dump them all there. Do another for PSPs and other consumer electronics. I bet I could squeeze out 50 or so decent sites from the same 2,500+ posts, no? All of them filled to the brim with advertising. Using all the best SEO tricks, I could get some decent page rank (if all of them linked to each other, and I linked to them here from this decently ranked site...) and start driving in the searchers. What do you think?

Oh and step 3? Profit!



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