Yeah! Check out the news straight from the source - is now part of Yahoo! Awesome!

I actually met Joshua Schachter last year when I was first applying to work at Yahoo! and later after I joined always thought it was a bummer that we weren't able to snag him and his site for whatever reason. But it looks like that's changed now! Pretty great. Having the web service that started the tagging craze in the same group as Flickr is really, really cool.

I hope we can integrate into Searches as quickly as possible. Most people haven't used Yahoo!'s My Web bookmarking system I know, but honestly it's awesome. Once you have a social group who use it for their bookmarks, their links are included first in the results of a Yahoo! search. Because your network usually has very similar tastes as yourself, the results from that search is many times much more accurate than a general web search. I always thinks it's such a shame that many people who use other search engines or don't see this great feature - hopefully now this will change.

Very cool stuff. Congrats Joshua!


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