Now Using WordPress 2

Hey, I did an update last night to Word Press 2.0... Everything went well, and hopefully the upgrade will help with the "post hangs" where I would post and it would cause my server to max out resources for a bit (must be indexing or something). Seems like it went well...

However, for some reason it refused to let me continue to use index.rss as my feed URL. I messed with mod_rewrite for a few *hours* but nothing I could tweak seemed to help. WP seems to be looking for anything called "index" and gives up the front page... or something. It was working fine before, now it doesn't. Sooooo, I did a permanent redirect to a new feed URL /feed. This sucks as a bazillion clients out there won't do the right thing, but for those of you reading this in your aggregator, congrats! You're using a good one!

Other than that WP 2.0 is nice, I like the new interface, the upgrade went well and everything seems to be doing pretty good. We'll see how this post goes... :-)


PS Urgh - I just checked the feed and it's publishing feed links for comments. I *hate* that. Temporary feed urls for things like comments are dumb IMHO. You just end up having aggregators hit your site every hour for years afterwards on content that never changes. I'll have to figure out a way of getting rid of that stuff. (Update: That was easy - wp-rss2.php is actually quite easy to edit. )

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