100 Cups


Mike and Diego are pontificating about Mike's goal of drinking 100 cups of coffee in 48 hours (like Fry). Mike has determined this morning with a quick search through Wikipedia, that this would not in fact be a lethal dosage, so it seems that the most obvious barrier to actually trying this feat is gone. There might be permanent damage to your liver, heart, kidneys, etc. but you wouldn't drop dead right away, which is really the most important part. Diego seems to think this is a fine idea, and actually scoffs at how much time is given, wonders if he hasn't done that accidentally in the past without knowing, and in fact is thinking about how much caffeine he does ingest, and from his tone, I gather that he's actually thinking of increasing rather than decreasing that amount.

I would just like to say that even though I gave both of these guys the Think Geek Caffeine T-shirt last year after they helped me move down to The Little Yellow House, I still really underestimated their love for this substance. Silly me! Now I know...

I can't wait to watch this event... All I want to know now is "how big are the cups going to be?"


Update: We've determined via IM that a cup is in fact 8 oz. And the coffee shall be "something smooth like sumatran or kona". The Rules have been Set.

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