Links Are Back

I've had some requests over the past couple months for a copy of all those links I had on my Links page. They were gone because I had stopped using Bloglines and I didn't want an unmaintained list of links up there, I took them off. However, now that I'm back on Windows, I've moved back to Bloglines (from NetNewsWire) and thus have re-added the live blogroll to my links page. There is a level of guilt I feel by not using Yahoo!'s new RSS reader, but I just can't right now. Hopefully someday my employer will get the RSS reader in the Mail client to the point where I can use it every day, but right now Bloglines still rules the aggregator world for heavy daily news consumption.

About the links: I'm down to 315 feeds right now, and I'm actually making an effort to cut more. I don't think there's any reason to see the same news story over and over and over again in my news reader because I subscribe to 20 links blogs who do nothing more than point out the same article that 19 other blogs did. I'd love an Aggregator filter that kept track of URLs, no? It'd be nice to see all the posts organized by the same URL, almost like a personal Memeorandum.

I've also finally divided up Mobiles and Gadgets into their own sections. If you know of a must-read site for either of those sections, please tell me. If you see a dead link, I'd like to know about that as well. I've gone through and tried to clean everything up, but sometimes there are still zombies lurking in there.

Hopefully I can continue to cut the list down over time - I think around 250 feeds would be more reasonable, with maybe a quarter of that being active every day. We'll see...



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