I was listening to NPR yesterday on the way home and I heard this bit about all the different types of Map Mashups there are out there, and they were interviewing a blogger who keeps track of the latest and greatest sites out there. That isn't all that odd, except that the first site he talked about was a Trainspotting one, which used the map APIs to keep track of sightings. Then he went on to breathlessly talk about all the rest of the map sites out there, and it made this strange connection in my mind: He's like a Trainspotter...

I hadn't heard of trainspotting before the movie, but its a hobby where people sit by railroad tracks all day looking at the trains as they pass, recording which types of trains, and their numbers in a little notebook. They're really into it. But if you think about it, it's the same sort of activity as someone who keeps a link blog, or a dedicated map blog. You know, waiting for a new map site to come up, then recording all the details about it all in a little blog.

Interesting, no? I'm not criticizing here, I'm just observing. I mean, hey, we all need hobbies, right? :-)


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