AdMob Launches: First Mobile Pay-Per-Click Ad Marketplace


Omar from FotoChatter just sent out a message to the Mobile Monday SV mailing list announcing the launch of AdMob - "the first pay-per-click mobile advertising marketplace."

From his email:

After spending a great deal of time and money trying to find the best way to publicize fotochatter, we stumbled upon a high traffic mobile site and negotiated a very low cost pay-per-click campaign with fantastic results. I figured that there should be a better way to bring mobile content publishers and advertisers together, and AdMob was born.

AdMob is all about the open mobile web; I believe that pay-per-click advertising will serve to democratize the market, and allow anyone with a great mobile product or service to reach consumers without having to negotiate a carrier deal. There are a number of mobile specific features built into AdMob, such as device and platform specific targeting (need to target symbian devices in Europe? no problem), as well as easy to build mobile pages complete with click-to-call links for advertisers who don't have mobile sites. Things have been going great, and since our soft launch we've served over a million ads, and have brought in excited advertisers such as Orb Networks.

So if you have a mobile site you want monetize, or a mobile product or service you need to promote, I encourage you to check it out. It's still fairly new, so I also welcome any comments or advice that might help me better enhance the offering.



Very cool! This is definitely a needed service and I'm sure that Yahoo! and Google will be jumping in quickly, but it's great to see a small company be the first mover. Good luck guys!


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