More Stats About 3G Uptake


A couple interesting new reports which predict the 3G uptake both here in the U.S. and in Western Europe. First eMarketer reports on new data from the Yankee Group, breaking down the number of subs, usage patterns by demographic and types of applications making money. And Cellular News writes about Forrester's take on 3G in Western Europe: "3G Will Become The Dominant Technology, But Not Until 2010."

Again, these numbers are just to see trends, not to swear by. I think Yankee might be under-estimating the move to 3G a bit: only 14% of the U.S. will have moved to UMTS and EV-DO in the next 2 years? That's way pessimistic in my opinion. That's two Christmas's from now... there'll be a lot more I think - at least a quarter, and maybe even a third. The numbers in Europe look just about on track, I'm glad to see the break out per country, as Europe is definitely moving at different speeds throughout. But I think Forrester is smoking crack with the idea that 3G speeds won't spur adoption of the "Mobile Internet," especially by the end of the decade!

Momentum is good though. Love to see it. Now come on Cingular! Get your UMTS HSDPA butts in gear!


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