ESPN Mobile Launch Commercial


I liked the ESPN Mobile Commercial during the Super Bowl - you can check it out on their site now. I think they probably should have shown a few more images of the phone itself and what it can do, since it seems like all you'll be doing is watching ESPN on your phone. There's a lot more to their service than just video - including apps for monitoring all the scores for various leagues, news, games, etc. And the price doesn't seem bad - $200 for the phone and reasonable subscription plans starting at $35 a month (which includes 35MB of data!).

Finally! A mobile data-services centric mobile phone service! It's like a starting gun went off somewhere. Thank goodness!

I'm not sure if the numbers are there for ESPN to have launched a whole MVNO around this concept, but I think they've got a fighting chance. I've known *lots* of guys over the years, from college through today that obsess over their favorite sport or team. This phone and service is going to be perfect for those guys. It should be interesting to see in a few months what the uptake is. I'll have to stop by Best Buy tomorrow (as the end of the ad said) and check it out myself.


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