MoMo February: Good start to the new year


Oof, almost didn't get around to posting about last night's Mobile Monday - it was a pretty great showing! 200+ people packed a warehouse out in Portrero hill, as we had five great speakers talk about their companies and location based services. Very cool. Thanks to everyone who came and made it another great event, and thanks again to AutoDesk and TeleAtlas for both speaking and picking up the tab for the evening, and thanks to Tik Games, Visage and Bones in Motion for speaking as well. Actually, Bones in Motion (MoMo alum Spencer Nassar spoke for them) just launched their long awaited LBS app today at Demo - but we were lucky enough to get a sneak preview last night! See what you missed if you weren't there?

Anyways, as always, I've posted a bunch of pictures on Flickr, tagged with Mobile Monday. (I've got to get the hang of taking decent pictures with my W800i - even though it's a 2 megapixel cameraphone, all the images seem grainy...).

For March 6th's MoMo, we'll be covering Mobile Web Browsers (the topic that got cancelled in January) so that should be cool - we'll have info soon about the location. See you then!


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