Opera on the Nintendo DS!


I was just checking my referrers and wondering why in the world 4 Color Rebellion was linking to me (it's a Nintendo Fan Blog). Turns out that Opera just announced a version of their browser for the Nintendo DS! Awesome! (4CR was linking to my review of Opera mini, it turns out. :-) ) Read the press release - it's not a firmware update or anything, but will be available on a cartridge.

This is very, very cool! When I reviewed the browser for the PSP a while back, I mentioned how a browser for the DS would be even more useful because of the stylus input. A version of Opera that's just as useful as the Opera Mini on a DS will be very cool. Toss the DS in with the rest of the "Web Tablets" out there like the 770 and PSP.

Cool stuff - I wonder if the Opera booth at 3GSM has a demo? I'll have to go check it out.


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