Campfire: Too Bad It's Not Mobile



Backpack Campfire’s kinda nice… for a PC app. You know, so much effort being put into a dying platform, it sorta makes you sad. Really, it’s too bad there’s not a mobile version baked in from the start. Networked to do list, calendar, notes, images and file storage Secure multi-user chat and file share all baked into a simple interface? Sounds like a really useful thing to have while I’m away from my desk, no? I guess these guys don’t think so…


Personally, I think it’s insane. If you’re a startup right now and you’ve got limited resources to get apps developed, creating Yet Another Web Service is just moronic. It’s like developing client/server Visual Basic apps in 1996. The *real* revolution is taking off already and they’re messing around with last decade’s technology.

Oh, well.


(Sorry for the duplication, it was easier to just cut and paste from my post last May. I love 37 Signals, I just wish they'd get it.... Literally 1 trillian SMS messages were sent worldwide in 2005, worth $35,000,000,000... Don't they sorta see that this mobile chat thing might be an opportunity? I swear I'm ready to go out to Chicago with a 2x4 and start cracking heads until I see a fucking launch with a mobile component built in.)

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