I would have bought the iPod Hi-Fi Speakers...


I really think the iPod Hi Fi speakers are just insanely overpriced and not in the least bit stylish or anything, but you know I totally would have slapped down $350 for them if Apple had included one simple thing: A video out port on the back. That's it. Pretty simple no? I'm flabbergasted that it's not there, I kept clicking all around the site looking for a graph or something that would talk about the video out port because I was convinced it had to be there. I mean, there's a freakin' PICTURE of the speakers sitting next to a TV on their product page - it's the obvious place for it! But nope... no port.

It's crazy. I mean, the speakers comes with a remote, right? It's the same exact one Apple uses to control FrontRow. And I mean, it's the Video iPod, even though it's not actually named that, right? They sell movies, television shows, etc. in the iTunes Store. Everything's there. It's made to be an entertainment center addition. It'd be perfect - instead of having to schlep ugly cables and all that around which plug precariously into the top of the iPod and connect to the back of my TV - the cables would instead just be plugged cleanly and permanently into the back of the speakers where they belong. Then when I wanted to watch a video, I'd just pop the iPod into the socket, snag the remote and *bam* I'm all set to go. Perfect!

My only thought is that Apple must want us all to run out and buy Mac minis for our entertainment centers instead. Total corporate greed and manipulation. They had to have thought of the same exact feature during development, but decided to cut it just so it didn't "compete" with whatever their grand Living room plan is. So now I'm not buying either. Just a lack of $10 worth of gear in the back of that insanely marked up speaker system and instead they lost the whole sale.

Oh well. Sorry Steve, you blew it this time.


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