Server's still up... great!

No idea why things were going up and down yesterday. It was driving me nuts. I ended up sshing into the server and stopping all the processes until I was down to just the stuff to keep me connected, then starting them up one by one. Seems to have worked - I'm really not sure what happened though and my logs are a mess - they're all over the place and rotate at different times, etc. I need to get them all organized so I can quickly look to see wtf just happened and see if I can fix it.

I decided to change back the number of posts per page from no more than 1 day to the last 5 in order. WordPress is wonky in that this setting also affected the search results page! So you'd do a search and get the one result from the last day it matched. Since my blog is also a bit of my memory enhancer and I personally use my own Search box a ton, this was very annoying to say the least.

Still - everything's nice and clean now. Erik mentioned via IM that at this point the blog is so sparse that I should just scribble out notes on paper, scan them in and use that. :-) It's funny he said that because I actually bought a WACOM tablet the other day to scribbles - but it didn't work out like I thought at all. It's really, really hard to scribble one place and look at the screen - it was easier to just use paper and scan in drawings. I'm going to have to see how easy it is to do this sort of thing on a Tablet PC at some point.


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