Good Slide


Jonathan pointed out a presentation the other day that I actually really liked despite the fact that it had the dreaded buzzwords in the title. Check it out online here. First, I thought it was amusing that the whole presentation was done with hand-drawn scribbles and not PowerPoint. I just said in my last post that there's something attractive about that sort of thing (this is what reminded me to post this). Drawing is so visceral - you get to just take an idea, quickly jot it down with arrows and boxes, and it's captured. And it still communicates the concept just as well as a full-on graphic or 10 bullet point slide. Probably better.

In this case, slide #15 I particularly like. I copied it above in case their server disappears some day. It's a nice little summary of valuable attributes of next generation web applications (or to the presentation's main point - the data and interchange is really the important part, not the web part). And though the presenter is talking about enterprise systems, the cool thing is that these same attributes also enable mobile apps as well.

I think I'm going to have to start drawing and scanning more...


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