SeeMeTV: 4 Million Downloads!


Wow, this is very cool news about Three's SeeMeTV - they've had over 4 million downloads of user-generated video content, generating over $175K for the creators of the short videos. From the description of the service:

See Me TV provides an opportunity for 3 customers to shine in front of millions of potential viewers. All the budding star has to do is record a short video displaying their talents, and then send their clip via MMS to 32323 to have it uploaded to the See Me TV Channel for other 3 customers to view.

SeeMeTV is also a chance to earn. For every 3 customer that watches a clip on See Me TV, the performer gets paid 1p – and with a potential audience of 3.2 million, who can each view the clip as many times as they like, the money to be made can quickly mount up. The cash is accumulated and paid out once it has reached £10 – there’s no cap on what a 3 customer can earn from SeeMeTV.

See? It's sort of like a Video Flickr, but with actual money being earned. 1p doesn't sound like a lot - but it's actually 10% of the cost of the video for the end-user which looks like they can range in cost from 10p to 75p (probably depending on the size in kb). You can see the rules and conditions here which are surprisingly readable (must not be a US company). This might not be huge revenue share I admit, considering that 3 doesn't actually have to do much besides just provide the marketplaces for the content consisting of some server space and using their already-created billing system, but it's better than nothing which is what you make right by posting videos to YouTube, etc. no?


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