Gosh, well since you asked so nicely...


It seems that Tommi and Jukka over at the Nokia S60 Blogs are eager for me to link to them! Well that's a nice compliment! I don't actually link a lot, unless I have some rant or rave to add, but since they asked so nicely (with brown sugar and marshmallows on top), I just can't help but throw some link love their way. Well, that, and I do read their blogs daily, (and nightly as well, as you can see), so definitely go check them out!

About me being a Linux-phone guy... well, it's important to remember I still have an N70 in my pocket and I work at a company who's flagship mobile product is a Symbian app, and my boss also happens to be the father of the S60 user interface, so it's not like I'm complete turncoat. There's still lots of time for me to be wrong, it's happened before. Really.



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