Grazr on Opera Mobile 9


Wow, ask and ye shall receive. The other day I was talking about how Grazr would be a neat mobile app, because the iPod like UI and quick scanning of RSS feeds seemed pretty neat. Well, two things happened since then, first, I remembered (once I saw it again) that mFoundry has a Java demo that works almost exactly like Grazr - I updated the post, but I don't think many people saw it - and now this morning, Jonathan Share posted in the Opera Web Applications blog a version that runs on their S60 Platform. Veeery cool!

You can download a working copy here;

You will need to download either the Opera Platform browser or Application Player for series 60 from our download page to run the app.

It's a little slow on device and by no means complete, but I have not made any optimisations yet, I just spent an hour making it run. The details and optimisations will be the subject of a future posting.

Rock on. I haven't tried it yet, but this is pretty cool. Ajax on the phone... critical mass is a long ways off, but taking an hour to adjust some Javascript is a hell of a lot better than Flash, Python, C++ or Java programming IMHO, I'll tell you that. :-)


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