AppExchange Goes Mobile


Very cool - bought Sepia and launched AppExchange Mobile with 60 apps ready to go for Blackberry's and other enterprise handsets. From their press release:

"AppExchange Mobile solves key issues for both our customers and our partners. Our customers are eager for ways to extend their on-demand applications to the mobile workforce, and developers need a painless way to address this major opportunity," said Marc Benioff, chairman and CEO, "With AppExchange Mobile, there is no extra coding needed to develop an application on AppExchange and mobile-enable it. AppExchange Mobile is democratizing mobile applications, further extending the power, creativity and freedom of the on-demand model and The Business Web to our customers and partners on the move."

Wow, imagine that... A mobile platform. Kinda like Mobile Web 2.0 for Real... Whodathunk?!? I haven't actually seen any of the apps on my phone yet, so I don't know how well it works and whether it's just a version of the apps with no styling and no Javascript, but it's a good sign these guys are continuing their efforts this way. They've had a mobile version for quite a long time, but making it a priority is smart. I like Marc Benioff quite a lot since I saw him at the first Web 2.0 a couple years ago (1% to charity and all that), nice to see he's still living up to expectations. :-)


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