Using Flash Lite 2.0 for Presentations and Screen Casts


Mario Casario had this great post the other day about using Macromedia's Captivate screen cast tool to export to Flash 7 in a way that lets the swf movie be played on handsets using Flash Lite 2.0. He created a demo which I stole and included above (hopefully aggregators are seeing an image I embedded inside the object tag). I think this is just fantastic - the quality of the movie is great, and the way it looks and sounds on the phone is just as good as on my PC. This could be an incredibly useful tool.

Imagine combining this with something like Remote S60 and taking screen casts of actual running applications on your phone? This would be a great way to create tutorials to teach new users how to use their phone without having to create a customized application to do it. This has great applicability to mobile presentations and other apps as well. It's just very cool.

Man I wish Flash Lite had more penetration! Everything I see using it just looks and works so well!


Update: the autoplay was driving me nuts, so I just linked to the flash file instead. :-)

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