I upgraded WordPress... sorry for the refreshes!

To everyone subscribed to my feed, sorry for the constant refreshes. I snagged the latest WordPress and I had to go in and tweak it which refreshed my feed a few times. I really wish WP would not mess with the markup that it gets from the db when I tell it specifically not to, without me having to go in and comment out a bunch of wptexturize filters. I hate curley quotes, and I really, really, really, really don't like HTML entities in my page titles like ›, which screws up tons of crawlers and looks bad in search engines and my stats, etc. The worst thing about that is it's hard-coded in several places, so you have to go through and hunt them down, and then when you upgrade, you have to go and hunt the down again.

Anyways, I'm all fresh and new now... :-) I'm using less and less of WP as I go along now, actually... I don't have comments, I don't use categories, I only support RSS, etc. Still, there's tons of things I'd have to do myself like XMLRPC pings and updates, security, extensibility, etc. So it's definitely nice to have WP as a base that I can strip things off of, rather than having to work from the ground up. :-)


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