FIFA World Cup Mobile (powered by Yahoo!) Now Live!

W00t! Yahoo! Mobile just launched the official FIFA World Cup mobile site! You can go to on your phone and view the site in six languages - I've included an iFrame above so you can check it out right now (my feed subs should see a screen shot). There's also a custom downloadable app coming, SMS alerts and more - check out the FIFA World Cup Mobile page for more details. The mobile web portal in particular has news, photos, customizable team tracking, schedules, live scores during the matches and more. You should be able to keep track of the whole World Cup (which starts in June for my fellow Americans... you know, the soccer thing) right from your phone no matter where you are.

I may regret this, but if you have any issues with the site - bugs, problems with displays, doesn't detect your phone, etc. - I've taken it upon myself to set up a Yahoo! Mail alias at where you can send issues and I'll pass the big stuff on to the (amazing) team putting it all together. There is an official feedback page, but the people reading this weblog are on the cutting edge of mobility and should have the most valuable comments, so I want to hear from you guys directly.

You all know how huge the World Cup is, and how big the mobile internet is becoming - this could be a transition point. could easily become the most popular mobile web site ever created, so we really want to make it a success! Any thoughts you have would be great, so please send them along.



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