Added Email Subs via Feedburner


After reading the news that Feedburner is offering email subscriptions based on your RSS feed, I decided add it into my site. I just created a new "Subscribe" page (up in the menu bar) and added in the form for their service in addition to a big link to my news feed. That should be pretty helpful to a lot of readers since the word subscribe still means different things to different people.

Yeah, there have been other email services around before, but I trust the guys at FB so I'm willing to give it a try. (Yes, Yahoo! Alerts has a similar service, but it doesn't have the trackable stats, etc. so for now I'm going with this - there's still an Add To My Yahoo! link on the subscribe page as well). This is part of my newfound acceptance of the longevity of email... what do you think?

Here's the form here as well (though if you're seeing this in your news aggregator... then you're already all set, aren't you.)


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Back to the future baby! :-)


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