100MM Nokia Phones in Q2


Wow, some huge numbers from Nokia's second quarter today, Into Mobile has the details: 100MM phones shipped, 14MM E and N series phones (i.e. S60 Symbians) including 1.5MM N95s. Pretty impressive! And the most amazing thing about Nokia's numbers? They have almost no presence here in the U.S.! Only 4% of their phones (4MM) were sold in North America. Absolutely insane. If Nokia could just get back into the American market they'd be pretty unstoppable (someone tell them to quit dickering with Qualcomm and ship some damn phones over here).

The fact that the N95 is outpacing the iPhone's sales is pretty amusing. So much hype and buzz for Apple, yet Nokia is still able to sell a phone that is $150 more expensive without breaking a sweat. Yes, Nokia has a much larger path to market and the N95 is technically superior in just about every way - 5 megapixel camera, GPS, 3G, open platform, etc. - but the point is that this phone is so overlooked in the U.S. media, you'd be hard pressed to get 10 people in a room who know what it was. My fervent hope is that the iPhone becomes sort of an introduction to next generation mobility for the U.S. - lots of designers and geeks will play around with it, design their sites or apps for it, and then they'll realize there's lots of *other* phones out there being sold with great capabilities as well waiting to be tapped. Then maybe we'll really start to see some real innovation here beyond an iPhone version of Digg, no?

They shipped 12 phones a second, for three months straight. Pretty wild.


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