Daypop coolness

How cool is this, I'm doing development on BlogAgent and I get a ping from the running app that says that Daypop has updated. I go to check out what's going on and POOF, there's my post at #10. WOOHOO! This is addicting! But hey, what is "blogagent pingt de weblogs"? It must be a random site that DayPop uses to mark a popular post.

Cool. Now that I've got incentive I'm exploring Daypop a little more. You can see all the sites that have linked to you. Rockin'.

Cool changes to BlogAgent coming. It's turning into a real app. I also got some cool comments via email this morning with features that I'm going to integrate... more on that in a bit. I don't want to get too out of the programmer's zone by posting too long.


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