Drowning in posts

Holy crap! I'm drowning in posts tonight. EVERYONE seems to be writing at once. Wow. Stop writing all of you! I may need to shut BlogAgent off just to get some work done before I go to bed!

My wife's ill... she's got a fever from an infection somewhere. It's a post-partum thing probably from breastfeeding. She was NONE too happy this evening when I came home from work and she had a 42 degree celcius temperature. (What is that in Fahrenheit? High.) We took a trip down to the hospital and hung around the same place where Ana gave birth to Alex. It's been 8 weeks on Friday since Alex was born. Wow, 2 months already. Incredible. We were reminiscing in the waiting room like it was 2 years ago. ;-) We could hear the heart monitors of other pregnant women past the doors. Thrum-thrum-thrum-thrum. We listened to that sound for 7 hours while waiting for Alex to get ready to make his debut... Ana had dreams about that sound for like a month later. ;-)

Anyways, Ana's a bit better now. On antibiotics and other random meds, fever's gone and she's sleeping. So I'm on night-duty with the baby. HOOOOOOORRAAAAAAY! As if I need an excuse to stay up all night programming. Yes! Red Bull's by my side, IntelliJ IDEA warmed up. I'm ready to go.

The WEIRD thing - and horribly frightening - is my kid hasn't woken up. He fell asleep in the hospital around 8:30... it's midnight now and he's still not awake. He hasn't slept for more than 2 hours in a row since we brought him home. Like his Dad, he hates sleeping. He's been awake, I would estimate around 16 hours a day. But he's been asleep since 8:30... it's now midnight. That's 3.5 hours. I just went in there to check on him and he's sleeping REALLY soundly. I KNOW he's fine, but I still had to get really close to check his breathing. Man that's scary. I read that new parents do this sort of stuff, I just didn't realize how scary it is.

Anyways, he's okay. Ana's okay. I'm okay. How're you?


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