Now that I've calmed down

... after losing a long post to MSIE. Here's a summary of my what I wrote before:

1) Jim is thinking about getting a buzzcut like mine (Alex's is natural). One bit of advice: It's nice for the hot days here in Madrid (upper 30s/90sF for the past several weeks) however, you can feel the AC at work all day blowing on your head. And your face seems preternaturally huge. I keep doing double-takes every time I pass a mirror.

2) Greg Brown, an old friend/coworker wrote me last night. I didn't get a chance to read his email fully, but will get back to him tonight. Hi Greg! I haven't heard from you since... gosh, our wedding? He saw my post on Scripting News and now that I'm famous he decided to write and say hello. ;-) He's been busy it seems with trips to Asia and other cool stuff. I guess life back in San Francisco is much better for those techies who still have jobs. Less nuttiness, which must be nice... I miss SF even more now! Greg: I'm going to post the code that runs this blog tonight so you can use it if you want. Maybe it'll give you incentive to get a Blog going (all the cool people have one!)

3) Peter Drayton saw my post about our interview we had at StreetFusion. Hi Peter! Peter said that I seemed capable despite my looks and total brainlessness about SQL. Wow. I must have had the BS factor on high that day. If you could see a picture of me during that time you'd know exactly what Peter had to deal with in that interview. He had the moral fiber to igore my looks (and horrible lisshpp). I can guarantee 100% that I would never be able to find a job here in Spain with that mouth. 100%.

Back to work (again).


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