That's what I did last night. Good for me. Actually, I started to do some development, then around 11:45 I noticed that the house was quiet. My wife AND my baby had both fallen asleep. I thought, "This is very nice." And then noticed that I was wrecked too and decided to go bed. Seven hours of sleep. Oh what a joy. I'm like a new person. So THIS is what it's like not to be sleep deprived... I had forgotten.

I just noticed a link from Scripting News to a GotDotNet site. Is it me or do those people at GotDotNet just seem like these braindead corporate shills? All respect to Simon and Peter, my new blog buddies, but HOW can you POSSIBLY think that Microsoft's technology is something that you want to support and invest your time and effort in? I mean, when I was 23 I thought Microsoft was cool. They made my spiffy new OS (Win95) and they were a big corporate presence... and look, I can make a Windows app in 3 clicks with VB! Cool. I'm a Microsoft guy! But then, after a few years of using incredibly limiting, flawed and buggy technology that unnecessarily hides all the details and leaves you stranded at the worst possible moment, I got a clue and switched over to other technologies, generally Unix and Java. I've been a much happier and productive person ever since. The guys at DotNet remind me of brown-clad fascist-youths blindly supporting the great cause of their powerful leader. Get a clue guys. MS Tech suuuuucks.

I still use Win2k because it's a decent OS (I'm not a hysterical ant-Microsoft person), but I'm using Windows XP at work just to try it out and I don't have any idea what the deal is, but it seems unstable as hell. I can't imagine MS has gone backwards this much in quality, and XP is based on 2K, so maybe the drivers for this box just suck or something, but this OS has given me nothing but problems. For example right now the full-text search is broken. First, I have to click 5 times to get to it, and then it just ignores me. It's a feature I use a lot to find old code snippets I've written to make me more productive, but I can't use it now. Why? Who knows.

Anyways, back to my Java stumping. Not all Java programming is the bees-knees. There are some app servers, for example, that are horrible. It reminds me of using Microsoft stuff, actually. A huge architecture with it's own way of working (i.e. horribly), all the details are in this black box which is both needlessly complex yet years behind the state of the art. I do, however, like BEA or WebSphere. If only to enhance my resume...

Okay, I got to get to work on this horrible system, so I can't rant anymore. More later.


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