BlogAgent is like Metafilter

It's dead today. I killed the process last night which means that anyone who was using it now won't even see the buddy in their buddy list. It's on my list of things to do tonight to publish the new code and restart the process.

I wanted to get the AIM, MSN, Jabber AND Yahoo clients working. AOL's IM is almost done. MSN's is too, but not thoroughly tested. Jabber's isn't working perfectly yet - I'm still playing with the presence and roster stuff. It's not very intuitive how it works. I send a "subscribe" message, they send me a "subscribed" response. Sounds good, but when the client restarts, they can't see me again, though they should be getting updates to my status. UGGGHHH!!! Until I get all the IM libraries integrated and working, I can't really mess with the core functionality and features of the Agent. Errgh!

The Yahoo IM is the farthest from being completed. I haven't found a library for it yet. There's a C library out there that I'm going to take a look at translating to Java. Since I'm hardly a C genius, that's going to be a bit tricky. Not sure if it's worth the work. But the thing is that Yahoo is the one IM I really want!! Oh well, nothing but time and effort will solve this problem.

In personal news, Ana and I got out to see Spider-Man in the movie theater the other day. We left Alex with my sister-in-law and escaped to a local cinema. Madrid has lots and the one close by to us isn't bad at all, though the movie had moved from the "premium" salon to the smaller one and the sound wasn't great. Ana really enjoyed the movie and so did I, but I've already seen it a few times having downloaded it using Gnutella when it first came out in the U.S. The dubbing on the movie, as always, was horrible, but I was just there to see the special effects on the big screen. Pretty neato.

Alex is FINALLY on a nighttime schedule. Ana was going nuts with him wanting to eat every 2 hours since he was born, so we finally decided to get him on a decent schedule. Our solution is to just feed him until he's in a coma. It seems to have worked... he's sleeping 4 or 5 hours at a time now. Whew! That'll help my wife's sanity quite a bit. ;-)

Been chatting on a daily basis with Jim Hughes in Britain. He seems like a good guy (and I know he'll read this, so Hi Jim!). He's a programmer like myself (but a C guy... you know, real programming) got 3 kids and a dog and lives by the ocean 100km outside of London. Their local cinema sounds pretty good: big seats, a bar and a decent seafood restaurant downstairs. What more can you ask for?!? Though I did mention that not having high-priced popcorn and softdrinks was really cutting yourself off from the movie-going experience... but what do I know?


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