More bugs

Argh. BlogAgent is down. It just stopped functioning again... I'll have to go through the logs to figure out what happened. It didn't even live through the night... like 7 hours. Goddamnit. Also, I used MSN Messenger an hour ago to access the MSN BlogAgent and in fact the newlines DON'T appear. I was using Trillian before and wasn't paying attention. So not only is it still failing for mystery reasons, both the Jabber presence bug AND the MSN newline bug are both still around. What the hell have I been doing for the past week or so? Banging my head a against a virtual wall, apparently.

Well, no biggie. The logs will help and the MSN stuff is easier to track down because I imported all the code from the MSN library into my project instead of using a .jar file. I've already had to re-work one of the files in that library. Now that I've done that, tracking down what the hell the problem is with the MimeMessage being sent via MSN should be easier. The Jabber stuff is still a frigin' mystery, but I'll work it out. What a nightmare I've stepped into.


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